The happy ending: A year ago, I couldn’t walk, sit or sleep but today I’m pain-FREE again!



Dear Friend,

My name is Stefan Aschan, M.Sc, Integrative Movement Specialist ™, CPT, CSC and founder of Strength 123’s “Natural Movement, Form & Fitness“.

Are you currently experiencing pain in your back, neck, shoulder, hip or knee? Have you tried numerous remedies or treatments that haven’t helped?

Are you sick and tired of being exhausted and in pain? If so,

I’m looking for you!

Typically, I work with clients who have a pain level of 9 (using a scale of 0 to 10; with 10 representing the highest pain and 0, pain-free). Many are not able to stand upright, sit or walk pain-free. Others can’t work out without being in pain the following day.

I am able to resolve pain issues in 3 days, or about 5 1/2 hours of treatment.

I do not use surgery, shots or pain medication.

Surely, you’re thinking: This is a completely an outrageous statement. But hear me out…

3 Proven Ways To Body Health, Strength And Wellness!

Learn a sitting posture that doesn’t kill! Sitting kills your back. That’s a bold statement. Is it true? The truth is that incorrect sitting does kill your back and you need to learn the position that will NEVER cause pain.

Implement 3 Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Back And Neck Pain! There is only one movement principle and many movement methods. Following any kind of movement method without implementing the movement principle your body will doom your enhanced performance and eliminating your chronic pain. This explains that you need to learn and implement the principles first before you learn any movement methods.

Eat foods that aid to reducing inflammation. Once you’ve identified and implement the movement principles for your body (I’ll show you how – it’s easy) you’ll know how to move your body. Then you will learn about foods that reduce inflammation to aid performance, health and energy.

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I have been active my entire life: Track and field competitions, skiing, running, sprinting, ballet, martial arts, adventure races and so forth. As an adult, I continued to learn new activities to keep me interested and in shape. Volleyball was one.

Now I know that volleyball is one of the sports that carries a very high risk for injury, because there are six people are on the court who need to coordinate and communicate to spike the ball to the other side after 3 contacts with the ball.

“ I got it” was the only thing that I remember. I was in the air, in a full rotation, ready to hit a ball, when a team member ran in front of me to take this ball that was set to me.

About to spike, I was pushed backwards and fell on the floor in full rotation. I had fallen before, so I stood up to continue play. But one step to the side and my eyes filled with stars. I had to move off-court to lie on the floor.

I wasn’t able to walk upright and pain free.

The next day, I made an appointment with a chiropractor, although as a movement professional, I did not fully believe in adjustments on the bones. Why? Because the muscles attached to those bones will simply pull those bones out of alignment if the muscle tension is not adjusted or released. But I was desperate.

Immediately after the adjustment, I felt better.

3 hours later, I wasn’t able to walk at all.

I was an idiot and went back for more treatments. Why? I was in emergency mode to get out of pain.

5 days later I still wasn’t able to walk.

Emergency mode drove me to the back surgeon, who thought I had a ruptured disc. Still in great pain, I got an MRI.

6 days later I still couldn’t walk, stand or sit.

The only comfortable position was on my hands and knees. I made another doctor’s appointment and decided to take the bus. I got on the bus (barely) but the first time the driver hit the brakes, I screamed in pain. “Get me off the bus!” Instead I took a taxi and went into the back seat on all fours.

Conventional medical care wasn’t helping me much. Then my naturopathic training kicked in. I needed to deal with the symptoms of swelling. Taking enzymes were the first step to reduce the inflammation in my lower back.

A massage therapist helped me to move the inflammatory fluids from my back and we drained the fluids though the lymphatic system so that I gained back some mobility.

10 days later, still not mobile

10 days later, however, I was still locked into a rotational position with a slippage of the L4 and L5 discs. (L stands for lumbar, so this was all in my lower back.)

Upright walking was impossible. And sleeping through the night was out of the question.

I needed help but I knew surgery, epidural shots, pain medication and chiropractic adjustments were not the solution, because they would only address the symptoms and not the root cause of my pain.

Suddenly, it hit me. I need neurological adjustment; I needed to calm the nerves that were tensing and contracting my muscles.

11 days later, a glimmer of hope

Nearly two pain-filled weeks after my volleyball injury, I made my first appointment with an integrative movement specialist.

One hour later I was able to walk upright! And almost pain-free. I was so relieved.

12 days later, progress!

On the 12th day, the integrative movement specialist performed more neurological adjustments. I was on the path to reconditioning the movement patterns disrupted by my fall.

The 13th day, starting again

On the 13th day, I started a new movement program geared towards my neurological imbalances.

One year later…

I am back on the court playing competitive volleyball again.

I swore to myself that no one should go though an experience like mine.

My experience changed the direction of work that I do, and I repeat: I never want anyone to experience the “care” that I received the first 7 days after my injury, with no results, increased pain, and the inability to move.

My “Natural Movement, Form & Fitness“ system is a natural for lower back, hip, knee and shoulder pain.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Immediate pain reduction without surgery or medication


  • New stability strategies for your body to start the process to move pain free again


  • New movement principles and movement methods to prevent future pain


  • Practical approaches to help you sit pain-free


  • Neurological adjustments – we don’t change the hardware; rather, we change the software so that you function better and avoid pain


  • Improved core/lower back stability via “Thoracic-Pelvic” alignment


  • Effective alignment strategies for your back and neck as well your ankle, knee and hip joint


  • Release of tight upper neck and shoulders


  • Increased mobility in hip joints


  • Pain-free range of motion in shoulder joints


  • Nutritional programs for optimum healing


Since every injury has a unique cause, this is a highly personalized program. The time frame also varies; some injuries are acute while others are the result of years of dysfunctional movement patterns.

If you have been though an experience like mine, we’d like to speak to you and see if our “Natural Movement, Form & Fitness“ system is a solution for you.

 Kristina Nazarevskaia, Founder, Galleryintell.com

“When I came for our first consultation I was in pain and every part of my body seemed to ache. I was unable to stand properly, to walk without compensating for the pain in my hips, or to even stand straight without the middle of my back sending painful charges up and down my spine. After a thorough and careful examination you pinpointed all of the issues/misalignments/shifts and explained to me what is happening in my body that is causing so much discomfort.

Towards the end of the first session I learned the proper breathing techniques, which in turn alleviated some of the shortness of breath issues I’ve experienced for over a year. Soon enough I began I was walking free of pain in my hips, my neck and my shoulders and learned how to realign my body if pain returned.

Every session was filled with valuable information, custom-tailored to my physical and physiological needs and abilities. This personal and highly researched approach helped me gain strength gradually without overwhelming my system. I am now able to run longer, coordinate my breathing, understand proper alignment, which muscle groups are supposed to activate during a given exercise and how to structure an effective work-out routine.

Thanks to you and your Integrated Movement Therapy program I now have a much better understanding of how certain foods affect metabolism and how to structure my nutritional intake to best achieve my wellness goals.

This has been a wonderful, rewarding and intense learning experience that could NOT have been possible with any other specialist. In fact, I am not sure there are people who possess this level of knowledge and experience.

I write this as I finish a (small) salad of wild arugula, wild tomatoes, anise, almonds, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar, because now I know how important enzymes are!

With immense gratitude for all you’ve done and continue to do for me.”

Rachel Linton, 29, Personal Assistant

Five ankle operations after a horse riding accident 15 years ago left me with little flexibility and quite a lot of pain in my right ankle. As a competing athlete (track and cross country runner) I was always very active and planned to continue maintaining performance and body. Unfortunately because of the accident, I was unable to do this and I lost muscle tone and much of my endurance.

About as year ago I started working with the Strength 123 “ Integrative Movement Therapy” program by Stefan Aschan. When training as an athlete, we were told how to do it. Stefan’s program took me beyond the basics into connecting the how and why, which we had not been taught back then. This has allowed me to get back into an active lifestyle without injuring myself and improving my performance.

I now know how to stabilize and move correctly, using strength and basic movement patterns that I had lost, right from day one. We have built up core strength, retrained and re-conditioned both body and mind, paying special attention to muscle usage, correct posture and balance.

The changes in my diet and a new exercise regime, advised by Stefan, has changed my life, as well as reducing body fat from 24.5% to 20.0%.

I never thought that I would be able to exercise any where near to my old level, but have been proven wrong. At the moment, alongside two personal training sessions, I run 10 miles and cycle 30 miles every week. Still going strong.

David Beat, 50, Business Owner

I broke my Clavicle in March and had surgery at Hospital for Special Surgery to fix 8 days later.  I started Physical Therapy 2 weeks after that, and after 4 weeks, my surgeon diagnosed me with a “frozen shoulder”.  This was “one of these things “that nobody really knows why they happen” he said, and proceeded to prescribe me 4 weeks of aggressive physical therapy and a prescription for Vicadin.

Having spoken to Stefan about Integrated Movement therapy, I decided to try something less invasive. After working with Stefan virtually pain free for 5 weeks.

I was able to play volleyball and sleep comfortably on my “broken” side.

I think the fundamental difference between what I got from Physical Therapy and with Stefan is that I found the Physical Therapy was focused on fixing my shoulder, whereas the Integrated Movement approach was concerned not just with fixing my shoulder, the concern was for fixing my shoulder through the work with the rest of my body….Stefan maintains a constant focus on reversing decades of bad posture habit affecting my entire body, all the time, “releasing” the blocks in my shoulder and elsewhere to increase my strength.  Stefan makes what can be an unpleasant process fun and entertaining, yet at no time does he ease up.

Over the course of my treatment, I experienced pain greater than level 3 only once, and that was about level 8 for about 15 seconds before the pain released to below 3.  Stefan is highly knowledgeable and has great skill in observing the areas of my body that need releasing and realigning.

I can recommend him highly to anybody that is in recovery from surgery or just had too many operations and wants to try something else that is not invasive but understands and works with the body of intelligence.

Stop being in pain.

I know how tiring pain can be and how it can drag you down.

Don’t accept pain as your new normal.

Contact Stefan Aschan & Associates at 212 750 3696 or at info@strength123.com to find out how we can help you.


Stefan Aschan,


Integrative Movement Specialist ™