About the “Natural Movement, Form & Fitness“ system:



Strength 123’s “Natural Movement, Form & Fitness“ system provides individualized personalized natural rehabilitation to help you move from pain to performance through optimum nutrition, optimum breathing, optimum activation, and optimum centration.



We at Strength 123 bring you the most accurate and useful information and techniques currently available to prevent invasive surgery and chemical pain management so that we can empower and enrich your life naturally.



  • First and foremost, our responsibility is to keep our clients mobile and pain-free
  • Using road-tested methods – not unproven theory – we will show you how to move better, more efficiently and pain-free body without resorting to surgery and drugs
  • We commit ourselves to staying current with the latest research and techniques to provide you the best possible service

The Strength 123 “Natural Movement, Form & Fitness“ system are devoted to giving you better stabilization strategies.

This exclusive group of like-minded doctors, therapists, integrative movement therapists and naturopaths seek to reduce your pain, increase your strength, increase your flexibility and create movement patterns for a better quality of life.

We teach our patients/clients/ members better movement strategies by focusing on the three components of the
movement triangle:

Most people ignore this straightforward approach because they just don’t believe an approach this simple could work.

Most people ignore this straightforward approach because they’re too busy taking painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, weekly injections, or recovering from surgery that could have been avoided in the first place.

It’s not your fault! During pain you are under extreme pressure to find relief. Who doesn’t want to feel better instantly?

You make many bad healing decisions and often, a lot of bad things happen along the way until you are more in pain and ironically, become locked in the very body position that causes pain. Stefan Aschan knows this – he has been called “The best movement specialist for eliminating pain,” because he knows how to teach people to move pain-free with better stabilization strategies again.

He and his associates have laid this out in their straightforward “Natural Movement, Form & Fitness“ system.

Most people don’t fully understand the dynamics of breathing, centration and integration. They start with painkillers, which shut down the neuroreceptors, thereby cutting off the feedback loop. This is the last thing they should focus on. Breathing should come first. The right breathing. We look at what your current movements, how you are stabilizing as well as where you are in pain.


We offer a plan. We offer strategies. We hammer home this point in our sessions, newsletters and our other resources. This kind of rehabilitation and therapy is the polar opposite of the therapy that you may have tried.

We teach you holistic integrative strategies.

We avoid problem-spot treatment since pain can be a result of a misaligned structure or an imbalanced muscular attachment. We combine integrative movement, tests and evaluations after neurological adjustment and optimum nutrition for healing, reducing inflammation and eliminating pain.

We will teach you strategies to avoid flare-ups in the future so you can enjoy your active lifestyle without dysfunctional movement patterns and pain.


If it sounds complicated, it isn’t. You will quickly understand our process, and you will be amazed at how quickly you’ll be able to implement measurable movement strategies as well maintain optimum body positions.

Strength 123’s “Natural Movement, Form & Fitness“ system shows you how to implement strategies that every baby naturally knows. “Natural Movement, Form & Fitness“ means no pain.

Contact us at 212 750 3696 or at info@strength123.com to find out how we can help you.



Who are these Stefan Aschan’s & Associates experts?



Stefan Aschan M.Sc., Founder

“Stefan Aschan, M.Sc., is a certified Integrative Movement Specialist ™, Personal Trainer, Strength Coach and Naturopath. He received his Masters in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton Collage of Natural Health, graduated from the “Integrative Movement System” program by Dr. Oscar Even and holds more than 24 certifications in the industry from institutions such as ACE, AFFA and individuals such as Paul Chek, Charles Poleques, ….”

Stefan has been in private practice since 1997. In 2005, he published the best read for natural weight loss, the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets book, DVD’s and the “Quick All Natural Weight Loss” Inner Circle program.

He specializes in treating musculoskeletal dysfunction and promoting natural weight loss. He draws upon a wealth of experience to help clients increase daily function as well to improve performance for competitive athletes. Whether he’s treating acute back injuries, chronic pain or creating a preventative nutrition program, Stefan provides plenty of individualized support and care. His programs have been featured in many publications, such as Fitness, Shape, More, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, First Woman, The New York Times, the New York Sun, and Forbes online. Currently he is a contributor to ABCnews.com, television’s CW11 – The Morning News Show, and The Huffington Post.

Our team also includes:

Arthur Ludwig L.M.T. MT

Arthur Ludwig has been practicing massage therapy for 15+ years. After graduating from the world-renowned Swedish Institute in New York City, he has been a full time massage therapist. His practice is thriving and continues to grow every day by word of mouth. He has worked at many health clubs, spas, resorts and has been working at Gothem for 3 ½ years. His private practice ranges from celebrities to senior citizens, athletes to everyday people like you and me. His ‘magic hands’—as he has been told—have healing powers and his continuously busy schedule is proof of that. Arthur is definitely one person who followed his calling and practices massage therapy with great passion and dedication. He continues to learn about the field and always stays current to all the therapies of today.

Currently Arthur works with many different pathologies ranging from hip replacement therapy to shoulder and knee surgeries and works with many injured athletes. His experience spans from relaxation massages to healing complex issues with the body. So in that, there are no injuries that he hasn’t personally come across.

Basil Butcher

Basil Butcher is a former national level under 19 cricketer and tennis player in his native Guyana. Basil has been educated in the health and fitness fields by:

  • The CHEK Institute; C.H.E.K. Level IV Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III.
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Sports Fitness Specialist and International Sport Sciences Association as a Fitness Trainer
  • Fitness Therapist and Specialist in Sports Conditioning
  • Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (St. John Method)
  • Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor Level II
  • Certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Functional Diagnostic Medicine.

Basil has consulted with the following organizations:

  • Guyana National Cricket Team
  • Demerara Cricket Board
  • New York Cricket Region Youth Cricket Program

Basil has worked as:

  • The Physio/Trainer for the Atlantic Cricket Region U-19 and Senior cricket teams

The Physio/Trainer of the USA National U-19 Cricket team that played in the 2006 ICC Youth World Cup in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Basil has worked with:

  • West Indies cricketers such as Ramnaresh Sarwan, Reon King, Colin Stuart and Neil McGarrell.
  • 7-time World Masters Power Lifting Champion and world record holder Ellen Stein, LPGA Golf Pro Mary Enright, World and National Masters swimming champion Kristin Gary and drummer Cindy Blackman.
  • People from all walks of life and athletes in sports such as baseball,basketball, cricket, cycling, golf, power lifting, wrestling, swimming, soccer and American football.

Basil has presented seminars and lectures in Guyana and throughout the New York Metro area on topics such as Functional Back Training, Functional Shoulder
Training, Holistic Program Design, Stress and Your Health and From Injury to the Playing Field.