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The Future of pain treatment and performance enhancement is here. Read about the latest research and movement methods that will eliminate your pain but as well increase your strength and performance, no matter what without feeling pain during your choice of performance of movement methods

Warning! The information provided here requires a rethinking of current concepts and may contradict information that you have learned from the media or so-called Internet experts.

3 Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Back And Neck Pain – Part 1

Pain in your back and neck is just that — a pain.

You might have considered various solutions but none has helped. Now you came across this article and you may feel skeptical that this is going to work for you. If I was in your shoes regarding pain, I would feel exactly the same. And I found that individuals who have continued their search for eliminating pain will eventually succeed.

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10 healthiest foods to support healing

Health is determined by what you eat. “Let food be your medicine,” Hippocrates in 400 BC said.

What is true then has not changed today.

From my research and academic materials that I used to study as Naturopath, and from the hands-on experience of clients, I have drawn up my list of top 10 foods. These foods helped my clients improve

their health, energy, manage hip, shoulder, neck and lower back pain and/or lose weight.

These foods were selected for their general health, low toxicity and nutritional value  (in terms of protein, fats, carbohydrates, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals). These foods are recommended to anyone who is looking at additional resources such as integrative therapy, acupuncture, bodywork, stress management or any form for movement therapy to treat or manage pain.

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10 tips for pain-free running and walking

Go for a walk. Go running. Stay active.

This is the advice that you might hear from your doctor to get in shape.

Walking and running are gait patterns that are considered one of the primal (basic) movement patterns. These are patterns that we are designed to do and ones which we learn instinctively while growing up.

But what if it hurts when you walk or when you run?

Then the advice of just going for a walk can turn out to be painful and unpleasant, making you increasingly desperate to find a solution for your pain versus someone who is simply  enjoying activity.

What can you do? Learn the rules when performing one of these gait movements.  Keep in mind that the basic movement principles part 1, 2 and 3 – diaphragmatic breathing, centering joints and integration of both – do not change whether you walk or run.

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A sitting posture that doesn’t kill

Sitting kills your back.

That’s a bold statement. Is it true?

In 1982, researchers affiliated with the Cooper Institute in Dallas surveyed affluent individuals and their sitting habits.

The study confirmed that people who spent more than 23 hours a week sitting, watching TV or sitting in the office, had a 64% percent greater chance of dying from heart disease. One take-away is that less activity burns fewer calories.

But why does sitting kill your back?

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Imagery to eliminate pain?

Charles Garfield talks in his book “Peak Performance: Mental Training Techniques of the World’s Greatest Athletes” about a study conducted by the Soviet sports scientists. It was conducted among 4 groups:

  • Group 1 – 100% performance training
  • Group 2 – 75 % performance training and 25% mental training
  • Group 3 – 50 % performance training and 50% mental training

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My Top 2 At-Home Tips To Ease Pain Right Now

Have you ever felt excruciating pain in your back, hip, foot or shoulder that forced you to stop moving, take a break and even perhaps lay down on the floor?

Don’t ignore the signs.

Pain is here to tell you that there is an area of your body that is in need of attention. Muscles get locked in when your body tries to short-circuit a movement in order to avoid pain.

Back, hip, shoulder, knee or other skeleton pain can be eliminated many ways.

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Your #1 nutrition strategy for treating pain

I want you to know upfront that I am going to share information with you that has been around for centuries but sorely neglected by our modern society and pharmaceutical industry.

That doesn’t mean you should neglect information that is available from western or from eastern medicine. Many times it is a combination of both that can bring fantastic results.

Would you agree when you don’t nourish your body to the best of your ability on a daily basis, you don’t provide your body fuel to heal itself? And yes, we have evolved and survived over thousand of years partially because our bodies are equipped with strategies to heal.

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