We are committed to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. Please read the services we can provide:


Integrative Movement Therapy

Neurological Body Reconditioning

Integrative Methods for weight loss

Integrative Movement to overcome pain

Natural Movement and Form to enhance sport performance

Natural Weight Loss – surgery- and drug-free

Strategic Rehabilitation for Lower Back, Knee and Hip – drug- and injection-free

Optimum Nutrition Programs

Sports, Medical and Restorative Massage

Fitness Makeovers for the injured

Sports Performance Enhancements

We can offer treatment for a variety of diagnoses, such as:

Bulging discs

Herniated discs

Valgus Hallux

Periformis syndrome


Sciatic pain

Slipped disc

Knee pain

Foot pain

Joint pain

Ankle pain

Coccyx pain

Sacroiliac joint instability

Back spasms

Flat feet


Rotator cuff injury

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