Ian Towers,60, Performer and Dancer

I was lucky enough to have Stefan Aschan do a treatment on me when he was in Europe recently. What was amazing was that I didn’t even have to tell him what there was to be treated. He just placed his hand on the top of my head and starting listing exactly those places in my body that needed to be healed or adjusted. It was amazing. Stefan was very gentle as he was working, so I didn’t really think much was happening, but he told me that I would probably notice the effects in the next few days. What an understatement!

The next day, my right shoulder, which has always given me problems, was extremely sore, but I was breathing more easily and it seemed like the scoliosis I’ve had since I was a teenager was actually lessening. As the week has gone on, my shoulder has relaxed into its new position, and my entire body is loosening up. For someone who was a professional dancer and has had body work done for the past 40 years, I thought nothing could impress me. This has really impressed me!

Thanks and kudos to Stefan and a recommendation to anyone to engage his services. He truly knows what he’s doing.

Rachel Linton, 29, Personal Assistant

Five ankle operations after a horse riding accident 15 years ago left me with little flexibility and quite a lot of pain in my right ankle. As a competing athlete (track and cross country runner) I was always very active and planned to continue maintaining performance and body. Unfortunately because of the accident, I was unable to do this and I lost muscle tone and much of my endurance.

About as year ago I started working with the Strength 123 “ Integrative Movement Therapy” program by Stefan Aschan. When training as an athlete, we were told how to do it. Stefan’s program took me beyond the basics into connecting the how and why, which we had not been taught back then. This has allowed me to get back into an active lifestyle without injuring myself and improving my performance.

I now know how to stabilize and move correctly, using strength and basic movement patterns that I had lost, right from day one. We have built up core strength, retrained and re-conditioned both body and mind, paying special attention to muscle usage, correct posture and balance.

The changes in my diet and a new exercise regime, advised by Stefan, has changed my life, as well as reducing body fat from 24.5% to 20.0%.
I never thought that I would be able to exercise any where near to my old level, but have been proven wrong. At the moment, alongside two personal training sessions, I run 10 miles and cycle 30 miles every week. Still going strong.

Samantha Zirkin, 29, Everyone’s Closet, Founder and President

In 2007, I injured my back severely. I wasn’t able to sit with out pain, socialize at a dinner table, or sit comfortably while driving a car. It was difficult to tie my shoes and painful to pick up my newborn baby. I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed my baby or even hold her for more than a few minutes. I was terrified that my back pain would not improve and that I wouldn’t be able to properly care for my daughter as she grew.

I saw many different doctors, including neurologists, a pain management specialist, a chiropractor, and even an acupuncturist. I also tried two different physical therapists. I tried all the treatments the doctors advised and went to months of physical therapy, but nothing helped. One of the neurologists urged me to work with a personal trainer before considering back surgery.

Then I met Stefan. It only took a few minutes of conversation for me to decide to work with him. Not only does he understood all my medical issues, he is also extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness. In fact, he knows much more than any of the physical therapists! His approach is novel, but grounded in current scientific data. In addition, he is easy to talk with, both friendly and outgoing.

Three months later, my back pain has decreased dramatically from level 7 to level 1.

I can sit.

I can complete any common daily living task.

I can carry my 22 pound child all day long.

I have my own pain free life back.

Because of the Strength 123 program, I am no longer worried that I cannot care for my child. I feel energized and empowered. I am confident and happy.

The reduction of fat tissue was just a by-product and not a focus of mine. Yet, I went from 24.90% to 19% body fat. All my friends ask what I eat and how I work out. They too want to be a size 4! The nutritional program, Mental Detox, changed my way of eating and it showed. I have more energy, sleep better and feel great about myself.

It is time to start playing sports again. I am looking forward to signing up for a Zogsports volleyball team with my husband. Without Stefan’s help and his Strength 123 program I would not be able to give my baby the care she deserves and would not be able to enjoy holding her and playing with her.

Jean Stern, 42, Fashion Industry

I can truly say that I am the most physically fit that I have ever been thanks to the Strength 123 program. Before Strength 123 I never ran. Now I am competing in 6 K events. This would have not been possible without Stefan’s knowledge to build up a body of strength step by step. I look forward to the next decade of being active and having Stefan in my life.

Tom Stephenson, 30, Wine Store General Manager

Years ago I met Stefan and was immediately impressed by how hard he could work me out without using boring machines. He was the first person I thought of when I wanted to rehab after a broken arm and improve my marathon finish time.

To reach my goal of preparing for the marathon while my arm was still recovering , I needed someone who understood how to put together a great workout but keep within my newfound limitations.

Stefan’s expertise made it possible to work around the injury and still improve my strength, movement patterns and running technique. Best of all, when I pulled a hip-flexor mid-season, Stefan helped me recover fully in time for the NYC Marathon!

I went from 169 lbs to 163 lbs and from 25% to 20% body fat. Most importantly, I feel stronger and more in control when running long distance and that I am better using my core muscles when I run.

Stefan’s Strength 123 program was essential to my success this year — I couldn’t have done it without him!